Purple Martin nestlings July 2002
The photos below were taken during a nest check on July 4th, 2002. These are the 3 nests of the martins whose first eggs were originally destroyed by a house sparrow towards the end of May. Two other pairs of martins abandoned their nests and left after the sparrow predation.
As of July 24th these nestlings are almost ready to fledge, in fact one nestling recently got out of the nest compartment and went into an empty one, 2 doors along! When we realized that the parents were not feeding him, we took the house down and returned him to the correct nest.
Compartment B5 with 3 very young hatchlings on July 4th
Compartment T2 with 2 nestlings. This nest was built by a pair of adult martins, whereas the messier nest below was the result of an immature pair of martins in their first nesting season.
Compartment B1 with 3 large nestlings, which fledged on July 16th, 2002
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